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A small team of hard working, driven, quality seekers. We believe that with smart, open and fair collaboration we can build and design the most challenging projects. But with the same effort and joy create smaller less complicated buildings.

Maverick originated from a collaboration between YG construction (Yorick Gosman) and Droogburo Architecten ( Marijn Droog)  in 2017.  This initial collaboration resulted in successful projects and in a great friendship.  Much of this friendship consists of endless discussions about the projects we realize and getting better together. But also, besides our hard work,  creating time to relax with friends and family.
This enjoyment of working together in a sustainable way, combined with the opportunity to build quality projects form our main team mission: ‘Having FUN in building amazing places!’


Is passionate and ignites others with his enthusiasm

Is able to make an effective impact and does not break down on unruly obstacles

Takes responsibility for what he sees: “If you see it you own it”

Looks beyond the status quo, is not trapped in current patterns or thinking